Groggy students unload from buses at a natural, wooded campsite. Boisterous introductions are made and their Pathfinder adventure is off and running! Small groups are engaged in challenge course - physical riddles to be solved by working together. Friendships are created and the seeds of cooperation are being sown. The day continues, maybe with canopy tree climbing or shelter-building. Evening brings a hike under the stars and the understanding that nature is not a scary place. Sitting around the campfire and reflecting on the day is probably the first moment the students realize they haven't looked at a screen all day...and that they haven't missed it. How could it get any better? S'mores, of course! And getting up to do it again the next day.

Multi-day, overnight programs deepen the learning by providing opportunities to repeat the and provide A safe field trip with an accredited organization is a perfect way for youth to spend time away from home

Overnight programs take place at any one of our three partner sites. As we work with you to design your program, we'll talk with you about which location will work best for your group, depending on each site's amenities, travel time, pricing, and availability.