WE'VE BOOKED OUR PROGRAM WITH PATHFINDER? WHAT'S NEXT? Thank you for booking with Pathfinder Outdoor Education! If you haven't already, you will soon receive an email with your Working Invoice and Reservation Agreement. Please sign the agreement and return it to us as confirmation that your trip is officially booked. Without a signed reservation agreement, we may not hold your dates for you. Please download this Preparation Timeline for Trip Leaders to help keep you organized.

WILL WE HAVE TO SIGN A WAIVER? Yes, every person attending your Pathfinder event – participants as well as chaperones/observers - will need to sign a waiver and complete our medical information form. We have an electronic waiver/medical information form that is very easy to complete. Our office manager will send you a link that you can share with your participants and then track to see who has completed the waiver. (If needed, we can send you a pdf of the waiver instead, that you can print and hand out to participants.) All waivers and med forms must be completed 15 days prior to your event so that we can share any dietary concerns with the site and also prepare for any special needs your participants might have.

WHAT IS MY ROLE/OUR ROLE AS ADULT CHAPERONES DURING A YOUTH PROGRAM? Pathfinder programs for youth are a wonderful opportunity for your kids to work together on their own without input or answers from adults. When chaperones step back and merely observe, your kids will figure out on their own how to collaborate, communicate, and come up with creative solutions.

WE TOOK A LOT OF PICTURES OF OUR PROGRAM! HOW CAN WE SHARE THEM WITH YOU? Wonderful! Our facilitators are so busy during program we rarely get pictures of our groups...and we want to see them and share them! Please email them to info@pathfinderoutdooreducation or post them on our facebook page.

DO YOU ACCEPT PAYMENT WITH A CREDIT CARD? We prefer checks. We understand if you have to forward the invoice to a business office, it may take more time for us to receive a deposit or final payment. That's okay - just let us know what's happening. As a nonprofit, we'd rather wait for a check than lose money on credit card fees.

Pathfinder's Vision:

Communities of inclusion, integrity, and sustainability.

Pathfinder's Mission:

To deliver fun, challenging adventures that help people learn about themselves, others, and the environment.

Pathfinder's Core Values:

Respect. Integrity. Choice. Cooperation. Fun. Caring. Growth.