WHO IS PATHFINDER? Pathfinder Outdoor Education is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to deliver fun, challenging adventures that help people learn about themselves, others and the environment. Pathfinder's primary objective is to teach personal, social, and environmental responsibility through activity-based learning. We provide programs for youth and adults with an emphasis on community. Working together to identify and achieve common goals, participants gain new skills in resolving conflicts and effective collaboration while developing leadership skills and enhancing communication and empathy. Because our curriculum is exciting and hands-on, participants feel energized about learning and have fun in the process.

IS THIS AN EDUCATIONAL OR RECREATIONAL PROGRAM? Both! A fun, interactive program will be customized to meet your group's goals. These may include community building, healthy decision-making, problem-solving, leadership development, or increased cooperation. For school groups, please know that many of our classes meet Florida's Next Generation standards.

IS THIS FOR YOUTH OR ADULTS? Both! Pathfinder facilitates group programs for all age ranges. We work with children as young as 6 years old and also do corporate team building events.

HOW DO WE CHOOSE OUR CLASSES? Please download our Class Descriptions and Sample Schedules booklet. We invite you to think about these questions as you look through the booklet:

  • What interests does our group have?

  • What kind of community do we want to create?

  • What attitudes, behaviors and skills do we want to see as a result of Pathfinder?

  • How will the goals of this trip link to our long-term goals?

  • How long can we stay? Please consider this carefully. A longer trip can have greater results for your group.

We will work with you to design a schedule that helps you answer these questions and is effective for your age level, location, budget, and length of stay.

WHAT DOES IT COST TO ATTEND A PATHFINDER PROGRAM? The cost of Pathfinder program can vary greatly depending on the length of stay (we facilitate 1/2 day programs to 5 day/4 night field trips with meals and lodging costs), location (each of our partner sites has different fees associated with using their facilities), and the classes you select. So unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer. Please feel free to contact us and once we have a chance to talk with you and get some information about your group, we'll be better able to give you an estimate.

Please know that scholarships are available and we will do what we can to design a program that meets your group's budget.

WHERE IS PATHFINDER LOCATED? Pathfinder's office is in St. Petersburg, where we have our Open Tree Climbs. We are able to accommodate some day programs at our office, however, our overnight programs take place at one of our partner sites through out Florida. We may also be able to meet you at your location or a public park. See the Locations page for more information.

HOW DO I GET STARTED PLANNING A PATHFINDER PROGRAM? Please complete the form on our Contact Us page and we will reach out to you. Or, please call Pathfinder's main office at 727-328-0300. The information that is helpful for us to have so we can begin to put a program together for you includes:

  • your group's goals

  • the size of your group and age of the participants

  • the classes that interest you

  • where you're located and if you're able to travel

  • the dates that you're considering for your program

  • your typical budget for a field trip

Once we have this, we can send you some follow-up information, usually in the form of a sample schedule with pricing information. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have and then hopefully we'll be able to move forward and reserve some dates for you! 

HOW DO I MAKE A RESERVATION WITH PATHFINDER? Once we have had the opportunity to talk with you about classes, location, pricing, and dates, we will ask for final confirmation from you and your organization that you're ready to sign an agreement and pay a deposit. When we have that final approval, we will add you to our calendar and email a working invoice and reservation agreement to you. A 15% deposit will be due within 10 working days. If a reservation at one of our sites is required, Pathfinder will make those arrangements.

CAN AN INDIVIDUAL ATTEND PATHFINDER ON THEIR OWN? Pathfinder programs are typically for groups of people such as a school's 6th grade students or a company's management team. These groups can range from 10 to 175 participants. Currently, the only program we have that is open to the public and available for individuals is our Open Tree Climb.

CAN I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT OR STOP BY TO DO YOUR ROPES COURSE OR TREE CLIMB? Our office in St. Petersburg isn't a facility that is open to the public and staffed so that anyone can stop by for recreational activities. While we do tree climb here, it is only by reserving the date in advance for a group or by attending our Open Tree Climb. Reservations must be made in advance for ropes course because those programs take place at one of our partner sites and we need to make sure they can accommodate us.

Pathfinder's Vision:

Communities of inclusion, integrity, and sustainability.

Pathfinder's Mission:

To deliver fun, challenging adventures that help people learn about themselves, others, and the environment.

Pathfinder's Core Values:

Respect. Integrity. Choice. Cooperation. Fun. Caring. Growth.


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