Whether it's low ropes, high ropes, tree climbing or canoeing, Pathfinder's youth programs are designed to increase co-operation and team work.

Engage Challenge Transform - it's what we do. We base all our facilitation on Experiential Education principles.

Get outside and unplugged! Join us the first Saturday of every month at our Open Tree Climb.

Founded in 1993, Pathfinder Outdoor Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to building personal, social and environmental responsibility through the power of shared experience. We offer experiential educational programs that develop leadership, increase self-confidence, and enhance communication through trust and team building activities. Canoeing, high ropes, and outdoor living skills are just a few of the fun, outdoor activities participants can do, working together to gain new skills in problem-solving, resolving conflict, listening, observing, and working effectively in a group.



Celebrating 25 years of engaging, challenging, and transforming our community

Recent Comments from Teachers:

Today I had the pleasure of attending one of your Pathfinder excursions with my 7th grade students. I just wanted to take a moment to say that it was a wonderful experience for my students and myself. Your staff’s enthusiasm for the program was palpable from the moment we arrived. They immediately greeted each student and staff member individually and made them feel welcomed. The team building activities that the kids participated in were phenomenal and creative. It was wonderful to see how my kids were able to work through many tough situations and be able to persevere through it - no matter how long it took. Also, being able to learn the all-important lesson of how to communicate together effectively as a team.”

“(Pathfinder) was truly a great experience for everyone. The students, chaperones, and teachers were WOW'd by the learning, sharing and depth of expertise exhibited from the facilitators. The activities provided outstanding opportunities for everyone to challenge themselves which supported the overall theme and goals. You will definitely hear from us when we begin looking at next year's field trips for the school year 19-20.”

"I have been a part of numerous youth group activities and this was by far the most enjoyable and relevant program I've seen. The four facilitators ran the program seamlessly. They engaged perfectly with the kids and redirected them whenever needed. I will definitely be recommending the school's 8th grade attend from now on."

This Month's Open Tree Climb Sponsor is:

We do not have a sponsor for the September or October Open Tree Climbs.
If you would like to help people get outside and grow inside, please sponsor an upcoming climb. More information can be found